I was at the most AMAZING conference with my friend Dayna McCarthy in San Diego, CA. the past three days and all I can say people, is WOW, WOW, WOW.

Lisa Nichols is truly a remarkable woman: moving, hysterical, and TOTALLY REAL!!! I went to the conference, Speak and Write to Make Millions because I was ready. For what, I wasn’t quite sure, but the moment we drove up to the see the beaming and beautiful greeters and felt the warm hugs and blasting beat of Brick House, there was not turning back.

Have you ever been in a room where you felt, ok, KNEW, that a slew of people there were like at least 10 steps in front of you? Yup, humbling. But, like I said, I was ready. And Dayna and I got an a** kicking by the Motivating the Masses Team. The days were packed with dancing, laughing, connecting, learning, and some serious soul-searching lessons on taking action!

What I took away? Never give up on your dream. Live with passion. Never, ever settle. (Did I say never?) Love with abandon. And the absolute best gift you can give? Show up fully in your life, belly to belly, heart to heart, in your relationships, in your work, in your community, with your children, with your life partner, even with your perceived enemies, because anything less is cutting yourself way short and that would be a crying shame. This I know for sure.

With a blissed out heart and sore tummy muscles, and LOVE always,