My trip to California was transformational! While I sit here in San Francisco Airport, I am filled with such a deep, deep gratitude for all my dear friends, old and new. Amazing connections and so much big, big LOVE, I feel renewed.

After the beyond crazy-good Motivating the Masses! conference with Lisa Nichols, with my dear friend Dayna in San Diego, I drove off solo on a long, looonnnng way up the Cali coast (California is huge, and beyond beautiful) to a writing retreat in Carmel with THE most wonderful Book Momma Guru, Linda Siversten. This retreat was amazing. I was blown away by the shared work, the beauty of the location, the yummy food, thanks to our chef Jen, and the best part of all, 5 ROCKING writing geniuses were IN THE HOUSE! Whoot whoot! Their talent, honesty, and jaw dropping brilliance-Holy Guacamole!

Over the last few months, writing has become more and more, an integral part of my life. My journey, where I have been, and my hopes and dreams moving forward, continue to unfold before me, like the stunning California Coast. Through writing, my wounds and joys from the past eek out, like a balloon with a slow leak that you just can’t find, no matter how hard you look.

What I learned this week is that it is not always about patching up the hole, but sometimes just catching the breeze on the way out. Because in this soft wind, my stories reveal some real gems of insight as they make their slow and sometimes startling revelations. Tears and gut-busting laughter happen to come along for the ride. And deepened friendships. And Peace. Amen!!! J

I look forward to having you be a part of my journey and I look forward to being a part of yours. ❤

With Gratitude for old friends and new, and BIG LOVE always,