“Get Fit Be Happy!” was my tagline when I was a fitness trainer and this motto remains front and center to my prosperity message, even today.

You may ask: How does being fit have anything to do with Prosperity, Katie?! Well… it is my belief that with a healthy body image and a positive self-worth, we prepare a launching pad for success and wellness that will guide us like a missile through many areas of our life, including, but not limited to our checkbook. Your body, your physical vessel provides us with the strength, the agility and the power to lead us on our path to abundance and plenty.

Try this: take a deep breath and imagine yourself in a place that gives you tremendous peace, a place in your past or present, a place where you feel serene, centered, and whole. Again, a deep soul-cleansing breath, taking in all that surrounds you in this tranquil place. What does it smell like, what does the air feel like on your skin? What are you wearing? Doing?

Now, I want you to imagine that if you are sitting or lying down, you are slowly rising with power, grace and agility. As you rise, you walk towards a door that leads you outside. If you are already outside, see yourself moving through that beautiful space towards an opening that draws you forth.

Now, again, breathing deeply, feel your legs light and springy and as the wind blows behind you gently, you break off into a sprint, arms swinging, hair flowing. You run with ease and grace, as you see before you a light that draws you towards it. As you approach the light, you see that the light is actually more like a figure, and as you run closer to the back of the figure you see that this person looks familiar. They look fit, joyous, energetic, thriving, their arms out stretched to something in front of them.

Who is this person? What is this that they now hold? You’re curious. Slowly, the figure turns around and they are smiling so broadly they look as though they are going to burst! Suddenly, you realize the figure is… you! And in their hands they are handing you this wonderful gift, your most treasured item, something you have been seeking, have desired, and you didn’t even know it. It is………..__________________________!

Ahh, and what is it? What is that you now hold in your hands, the gift you have given yourself?

This, My Prosperous One, is how we define what is one of our truest gifts of all. Our ability to imagine, to set ourselves free in body, mind and soul and see what is revealed to us. Are you surprised by what was handed to you? Do you want more of that? If so, how do you get it? Who can you ask to help you get more of that? How can you continue to grow in ways that allows you the freedom to move and dream more good for yourself?

Continue to dream. Move because you can. Celebrate because it brings you joy. And love because it just feels good. And choose to prosper because this is what you have been waiting for all along-the gift you can give yourself at any moment- the permission to GO ALL OUT. And doesn’t that excite you just a little? Come on, just a little??? 😉

With wind flying through your hair and LOVE always, (look there you are again!)


Kate McKay