Perfect example, my inner voice: I am not creative. I am not an artist. Fear and trepidation. Shiver at the thought of a paintbrush. Then, a new idea, a new opportunity to expand, grow, and voila, I AM creative! I AM an artist! 49 years of stinkin’thinkin’ gone with a flourish and a splash of bright yellow paint.

So, am I changing careers and moving to Paris to follow my newfound artistic flair? Nah, but what I did discovered and what I celebrate in the NOW is that we are all capable- to dance, to paint, to dream, bigger than we are currently operating. And stinkin’ thinkin’? It’s only a test of the emergency broadcasting system, our brain on fear, the most dangerous drug of all.

Is not, am not, could not? Perhaps it IS, AM and CAN. Perhaps…. My guess? We will only know if we try.

With painting under my nails and my own personal “masterpiece” on the mantle, and with LOVE always,


Kate McKay