11 Ways We Give Away Our Kryptonite

1. Asking others whether we should take the plunge on our dream

2. Second guessing ourselves in the middle of the night

3. Holding back LOVE

4. Not living our TRUTH

5. Not treating our money with loving respect

6. Believing karma is a life sentence

7. Giving from a place of emptiness

8. Saying yes when our belly says no

9. Saying no when our heart sings yes.

10. Thinking that “some day” is the “right way”

11. Loving, with conditions

11 Ways to Get It All Back

1. Do things with LOVE, always

2. Give from a place of Abundance

3. Don’t loan what you can’t live without

4. Stay open to wonder and awe

5. Find your God

6. Live your PEACE.

7. Tell the TRUTH and tell it quickly

8. Apologize

9. Forgive yourself

10. Forgive others

11. Live your LOVE, with reckless abandon. It always leads you home.

Warning, Warning, Will Robinson, and with LOVE, always,