Celebrating your bad self!

Drawing people into your own power is Celebration!

Celebration is never as fun when you are alone. Who do you call when something really awesome happens to you? You get a raise, lose five pounds, get called out for doing a great job, had a hot date, made up with a dear friend?

That burst of joy you experience is like the whipped cream with a cherry on top of life. This is the good stuff, the things that truly matter when pushes comes to shove. This is where you light up, and feel, for that moment in time, completely filled up with all that is delicious and true for YOU.

I remember when my Gold Party Company had its first incredible year. After leaving my accountant’s office, I sat in my car, opened my tax return and burst out in tears once I saw the money bottom-line on how much my company had succeeded. Holy Cow! This cannot be real?

My mind raced. Who could I possibly share such a wild success with, because at that moment, I wasn’t sure that I was worthy of so much good.

So, I called my Dad, and he laughed and cheered me on, and through his celebration of ME, he showed me that this was my time to shine, and I was worthy of all of it through hard work, determination and passion to serve.

So I celebrate others, as they celebrate me, because this keeps it real, fun and makes all the challenges, the sweat and toil, so worth it.

In celebration of you and LOVE, always! (Listen to the crowd roar! You did it!)