What is the number one reason why so many of us, say “NEVER MIND!” only days sometimes, moments after committing to making a change for what is ultimately in our best interest, body, mind and soul to lose weight and get fit?

As a fitness trainer, I continue to be surprised by how heavy the extra weight “weighs” on the spirits of my clients- the soul-sucking defeat of not doing what you desire. And I say, “I want more for you, because I see that you want it, and you are worthy of that.” When I look into a client’s eyes and I say, “you can do this”, and I see the shift, the knowing- the commitment is sealed- both mine and theirs.

But, the fact is, in life, we need concrete steps, because bottom-line, change is 99.9% of the time a SOLO MISSION. You know this, and that is why you bale, jump ship, bag your weight loss fitness mission. Because we are not conditioned to do things alone, because frankly, ALONE sucks sometimes, ok a lot of times, when you are struggling. I know it, you know it. But sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do.

And now the Big Question for you? How bad do you want it and why? If not now, when? When? When? News flash: when is NOW. “Never Mind” is no longer an option.

Come on, let’s take these GET-BUFF STEPS below together for the month of June, let’s commit to it, and by July 4th it will be OUR time to celebrate! Here we go:

1. Get on that Scale- Yeh, we hate that. But do it. Look with only ONE eye if you have to, but do it. Register the number, and minus 5. Not 20, not 100, 5. Simple math and a doable goal.

2. Keep Moving- Forget something upstairs, rejoice. No close parking spot, yahoo! Lawn needs mowing, awesome. Drop something? Big stretch and an ab crunch in between. Move more. Every day. Add steps, celebrate that you are capable. Make note of your response, and if it is negative, flip the switch to the UP position and smile. Attitude matters. Really.

3. Eat, Starting with Breakfast- not coffee and a glazed donut. Protein, Veg, and nice healthy piece of toast. I eat eggs 6 days out of 7. Promise. My body fat is 18% and cholesterol excellent. My thinking on fruit? Minimal. Salad for breakfast? Many times. Weird looks? Yup. Lean Bod, yup. Health quotient, high, seeking more, always.

4. Be Honest and True (to yourself)- This is hard for many of us, because the truth is often times painful. I get this. What stories are you choosing to rewind and repeat? The first time someone told me my butt looked like a piano, I remember that, oh yes, I do. Does it still burn? Nope. We all have those memories, what are yours? Go ahead, replay yours and then, once and for all, hit the ERASE button. You can re-write your story, because this is your life, and not someone else’s to define.

5. Celebrate Milestones!- Every One. Lost .6 pounds, fist pump. 50 crunches instead of 25, high five yourself, caught yourself sinking into self-doubt? Kick yourself up the stairs of truth, with LOVE. I will celebrate you, too. No matter how big or small, I want it for you as much as you want it for you, maybe even more. Think I am kidding? Ask any of my training clients.

So rock on, friends, and let me know how the GET-BUFF STEPS above work for you. I am here for you in encouragement, and a butt kicking if you need it. Sometimes we just need that little push to launch us into that place, that at first may feel like a free-fall, but soon you realize that you are just soaring in your 100% good. This is the place you have been waiting for…

With an extra skip in your step and salad for breakfast (really) and LOVE always.