After returning from an amazing trip to California on Saturday, my vacation high came to a screeching halt Tuesday, a rainy, cold New England day. The cool air whipped through my sweatshirt, and let’s just say that this type of weather makes a bad hair day the complete norm. UGH! I wanted to climb back under the covers and stay there a LONG, LONG TIME. Historically, this is not a good time for me, the desire to to crawl back in and avoid life- relationships, mothering, running my company, traffic- all of this seems so immense. Can you relate to this, even when it isn’t just cruddy weather, when you are just feeling emotionally blue and out of joint?

Yesterday was that day, and I did something that shocked me. I smiled and kept on going. People cut me off, I waved; my kids talked back, I stayed calm and redirected; house I am building- another weeks’ delay, oh well… And I thought of the good. I kept reaching out. I told people I loved them. Scratched my kids head. Listened fully. Kicked butt at my job. Told someone I was sorry. And at the end of the day, I said to myself, “Girl, you rocked it!”.

Because this I know: Rainy days aren’t an excuse for a pity party. Either is someone breaking your heart, a flat tire, a lost $20, nope, no pity party allowed. Reach out to someone, ask them for a life line, read something funny, heartbreaking, work hard, do 10 reps instead of 12, and keep loving both yourself and others, because the old adage that adults used to tell us is true, “no one likes a quitter”. And remember, I am ALWAYS here cheering you on!

With bad hair and a smile, and love always,


Kate McKay