Ever get that feeling that someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes?

Yeh, I hate that.

So, I just knew yesterday, ok, all week actually, that someone was lying to me. I just knew, but didn’t know why. And the hardest part, when someone is not playing fair, is that your mind goes crazy trying to figure out if YOU did or said something that caused the confusion. You wonder. You stew. You wake up in the middle of the night and go- Hummmm…???

And then the truth is told. They spill the beans. And frankly, you feel…. relieved! It wasn’t you! Not you at all. Because, you see, the people who don’t play it straight really aren’t thinking about you and your feelings. Sure, they will tell you they were, once they come clean. But even that is a continuation of the lie; they are just buying time to figure out a way to not make a big sloppy mess of things.

But hey, guess what, people? Life is wicked messy. Communication breaks down, we spill our coffee on our awesome new shirt, your kid comes home from a game crying because he got no play time and you have no words to comfort, someone breaks your heart, a car races by, wheels squealing, while simultaneously the driver, mouth foaming, gives you the finger, and you shake your head, squeeze back the tears, and say….wow, really?

Which leads me to this most awesome tidbit…

The Truth News Flash! Tell the truth and tell it quickly. Always. Be kind, but do it. Because nothing is more important than living a life with honesty and integrity and loving kindness. Nothing. I teach this to my kids because I want them to be kind and honest and true in their relationships. And I live this with my friends, because the people who show up for me, who honor me for who I am, and celebrate with me in this amazing, messy, but delicious life deserve the highest level of regard. Always.

Bottom line: With the mess, comes resolve and most importantly release, aka.- forgiveness. Gosh, that one is a still tough one for me to swallow, but I live it, because I must. Because this is the ONLY thing that sets me free. Yup, goosebumps.

Tonight, it is only with LOVE always, because all there is left is my heart, a’burstin’ with gratitude,