Want to increase your happiness quotient? Give a little sugar to the three tidbits below!

1. Appreciation- Digging what you have. Seeing what is. Just like a big hug, we send appreciation outward and wrap ourselves around what we love and want more of. Appreciation asks for nothing and gives everything. Try it.

2. Personal Power- Taking Responsibility for what is yours and taking Action on living a JUICY life. Responsibility followed by Action- Wow, look-out, cook-out.

3. Lead with your Strength- What makes your heart skip a beat when you do it? What did you love when you were five? What do people keep telling you you’re really good at? OK, now go ahead and do more of it. Building up your weaknesses, while diminishing your strengths is so old school. Want to really boost your personal strength knowledge times 10? Buy the book Strength Finder 2.0, take the test at the end of the book and be awed by the many ways you rock. This test changed my life, really!!!

In celebration of all that is uniquely you, and with Love always,