We can all live like “Courageous Warriors”, but what happens if something gets in our way that we can’t power through? Think up a quick solution? Or if our gut is saying, “Hoe Down, Missy!”? Then what?

What I have discovered (and frankly, it isn’t easy for this lil’ ole’ ego of mine to swallow) is that sometimes the missing element, when we suddenly hear those breaks squeaking loud enough for us to be reaching for some industrial ear plugs, is the gift of compassion, that place where our true righting principle lie. And sometimes that tender spot, our North Star, has been all run amuck. Too many years of the bob and weave, the tuck and roll, the “hey, quick look!”. And we finally shout, “WAIT! That does not feel right, how I am acting, what I am doing, how this whole plan is rolling out!”

And then, just like that, it happens: your heart gets all soft and mushy, tears well up when you hear even the slightest tone in someone else’s voice and you get it: Yup, I have misplaced it, my most important guiding principle: compassion- operating from a place of mercy and care for others, but also, surprise, surprise- yourself. Make sense?

And there are days, I just need the wake-up call. Sometimes it’s a whisper and sometimes it’s a massive slam to the head, but I do eventually get it. And I see, with utmost clarity, that it’s not all about pushing through all the time; but more important, it’s the gift of giving way, allowing grace to slide right by with a swoosh and a nod….

So hoist up the humility flag, throw up the get out of jail free card, and cry “Uncle”. And bingo- clemency is restored and a new way of being emerges, a kinder more inclusive path. And it is good.

And anyway, that Lone Ranger idea, in my view- totally overrated, as even he had Tonto to bounce ideas off of. And hey, it is just way more exciting to fly if you have a posse of Buddies and Fans soaring along with you! Wahoo! “Look! There is Oz!”

Soaring through the clouds, and digging every moment (swish), with Love always,