How many of you have ever felt blindsided, even rail-roaded by how people perceive you? Do you ever feel like, wow, how I am being treated right now really doesn’t resonate with who I have become?

Show of hands?? ? Phew, I am not alone! And neither are you.

As we grow, become wiser, heal places that at one time festered in our hearts and souls, we really do transform into something “other” than we used to be. And that “other” is the person that has always been there, ALWAYS, just waiting to be borne anew, when you were finally ready. Do you get that? (Pretty cool, isn’t it, this thing called “YOU”? <3)

Will this transformative process cause some reverb around you? You betcha! But please know that this pushing through, the unveiling of the “new you” , is similar to the once caterpillar, now butterfly, busting through the chrysalis. Because just like the caterpillar, with great effort, and a dabble of faith in knowing that the light will be revealed to you, you and the new world around you will be blown away by your awesomeness. Promise! (“Wow, look! They can fly!”)

With a wiggle and a squirm and a “WOW! Check out that Rainbow!”, and LOVE always,