My Path to Prosperity had many-a-bump along the way. Ok, I will be completely honest here: how about pot holes the size of Texas, eating me whole, with hot sauce on top?! “What am I doing?” I would deplore, lying awake at night. Night sweats, a marriage that crumbled, deceit, and lots of soul thumping, “why me’s?” coming from the peanut gallery of my heart. Yes, growth is hard. And it is even harder when you know, deep down that there is NO TURNING BACK, and you know this with as much certainty that you can muster, that what you are doing is right and true.

And how do we get to that point of knowing what is right for us? Start by asking yourself this simple question: “What do I want?” Stop. Breathe. Ask again. Say it out loud, create a list, tell a friend, do a vision board, but please take the time to be honest with yourself, truly honest.

For me, it was one word: Peace. Peace in my heart. Peace in my home. Peace in my relationships. Sigh, peace.

And once, I decided that, guess what??? All hell broke loose!!! And frankly, this hell, it had some real highlights! A booming business, friends that walked because it was time, amazing people showing up with love, God, more crazy business success, creativity flowing through me, money, self-acceptance, tears, hellos, goodbyes, and ….. Peace… Delish.

Are you ready to say it out loud? What you want? What you deserve? Well, hold onto your hat cause you are in for a ride, and trust me, I promise you will look back and say: By George! It was all worth it! And dog-gone it, I AM WORTHY! (Trust me, you are).

With Peace in my heart and gumption in your soul, and LOVE always,