Nearly 80% of women report that money is a source of stress; 44% are worried about their financial security, and, yes, 49% have used junk food as a coping mechanism.

Believe it or not, often times, just by venting some of your anxiety, you may feel better—and talking about it with someone who really listens, without judging can help you de-stress and release some of the worry that is holding you under “stress-level”.

· Think those new shoes are going to take that worry away? Doesn’t help, trust me. I know this intimately. J

Quick Fix Action Solutions:

1. Say it out loud, fess up, tell all, breathe. It’s going to be ok.

2. Exercise, even for 10 minutes helps. Daily. Really. Trust me.

3. Do one action item today that will help you conquer your money stress. Call that creditor, roll some pennies, organize your bills, tell your kids “no”, pack a salad, smile, and know….

you are going to be ok, and your debt does not define you; BUT, how you view it, take it personal, and beat yourself up over it, DOES. Make the choice to stop the madness and take one small step to shift your thinking. You CAN do this.

With too many shoes of knowing, and LOVE always,