Seems like so much comes back to me lately as the lesson on self-forgiveness: my wrongs, why did I say that, do that: that “ugh” feeling that I get when I do something that I know, in my gut was way out of the ball field to what is right and true for who I am.

But then I breathe, and sigh and say, YES, now I know better, cause that self-doubt, even self-loathing, dare I say, is my quick sprint to absolutely no where good. Can you relate?

And I can make it right, just as easy as that. In goes the breath, and out goes the acceptance, with a little wry smile thrown in for good measure. Then and there, voila, I feel that inexplicable joy rush on in, like a mini- tsunami onto that tropical island I possess inside named- Ultimate Peace.

Self-Forgiveness is stepping out of the way, so love can fill the space, isn’t it? Giving ourselves that gift, cutting ourselves slack, knowing that we ARE worthy- that vacuous place where we receive LOVE. Ahhhhhh….. (deep sigh) is Grace in Action.

The interesting thing about Grace, is that it is not tit-for-tat, it’s not tidy; it shines on the just and the unjust equally. Reality being that it is only ourselves that block the light.

Up until recently, I never thought of that word much, Grace, and its deeper meaning. However, what I know now, today, is that we never really know what Grace is until we feel it, deep in our belly, often times knocking the wind out of us, falling to our knees….

Do you believe this from your heart? Without your head as your filter, just knowing? (I think you do!)

With a wry smile and a deep felt sigh of knowing, and LOVE always,


Kate McKay