I loved being a Fitness Trainer– loved it with all my heart. Ask any of my previous clients. My motto was “Get Fit! Be Happy!” and I lived that fully. My number #1 goal was to inspire every person that walked through my studio door to find the joy of movement and celebrate their “bad selves”. When I saw that acceptance, the revelation of their innate good come across their face (and some times that took months, years, people! But I NEVER gave up!), I experienced the most amazing satisfaction of a job well done. I lived for these moments, I kid you not.

And- boy-oh boy, I had to use MANY different techniques to get these results: praise, cajoling, humor, and frankly, sometimes a serious ass-kicking, I will not tell a lie. But it was worth it, because what I know now is this: sometimes the people that want the most for you, the people that challenge you, make you wonder, piss you off, are the ones that you think back on, and say, dog-gone it, I need to thank that person for putting up with my sorry a**!

I know I have many people in my life that were agents of change for me. And you know what? I didn’t really always like them very much. Do you have people like that? People who believed in you, when you didn’t? People that you wished would shut up and go away? But for some reason, they didn’t, wouldn’t?

Accept it, my friends. These are the people who saw your greatness, even when you didn’t, wouldn’t. Thank them. They are the ones that saw you in your glory. And truly, you are glorious. Accept it, for it is the real deal. You are worthy of all that you hope for, lying awake at night, thinking just maybe, this time….

Rock on, love when you are weary, give when you are afraid, and work it like you are on a runway!

With a strut in your step, and joy in your heart, with LOVE always!


Kate McKay