How bad do you want it? Crazy Financial Abundance? Steamy Love? Bustin’ Open Joy? A buff bod? Ear-ringing Peace? Or _____________________ ? ( please fill in your yearning in the blank… come on, I know you have one, wink, wink) .

What does this poem below inspire you to do? Be? Fess up, if anything? I am always listening. ❤

Determination in Action

Bust your hump, work days at a time,

obsessed with the idea, the principle,

not giving up, wanting it, not knowing why,

but knowing it is right,


Hard work is good, creative process is good.

Pedal to the metal, gliding through corners, finish line in sight and then savoring what is to be savored.

Hard work is serving as a role model, laughing when things are messed up, being able to make light in a heated situation, because in the scheme of things, it is not that important at all.

What is enough?

How hard do you push?

What lies on the other side of a job well done?

Will you know?

And will it really matter?

You look back, raise your head and



It was all worth it.

Burning Rubber, with Love Always,