What??? Ok, so I was sitting with a dear friend this last week and she was rehashing her “overwhelm” (you all get it), when suddenly, her eyes filled with tears. I breathed in belly deep, allowed for the silence, and out of my mouth popped, “Elbows up with LOVE, Girl!”.

Picture this: Your standing in a crowd. Suddenly, the crowd shifts, your breath becomes short, you feel anxious as the crowd closes in… Right now, take a deep belly breath, really deep and lift your elbows up as if you are creating space in the crowd, breathe in again, one more time, deeper than before, elbows up and out in front of you, and release a big sigh of love and a rockin’ sense of relief.

This, my friends, is what we must do for ourselves when we are feeling emotionally (financially, spiritually, physically) overwhelmed, harried, put upon, or just flat out burnt out. Breathe a safe space around you, fill it with self-love, and kiss the overwhelm good-bye. You are in charge of how others put you out, over-demand, expect things from you, when, frankly, they really should know better. Well, they don’t, and you, dear ones, need to teach them. J

And the result? If you can fill that space with love and acceptance, just you watch, hostile, upset or reactive emotions become a thing of the past that you can just magically breathe away, because you are holding yourself in a LOVE LIGHT. And that is Teflon, Baby!

Start by believing you are worthy of that one breathe. Create your love space, your cocoon of self-care and watch how the crowd splits open as you move to the front of the line!

Elbows up With LOVE, always!